Kardex Remstar extends its successful cooperation with Intertex

Kardex Remstar will additionally incorporate Intertex products in its range of automated storage and retrieval solutions in future when working on international projects. The move means that the Swiss intralogistics company now supplies a product portfolio which covers a unique and broad range of load classes.

Kardex Remstar develops, manufactures, and maintains dynamic storage and retrieval systems which work in line with the goods-to-person principle. The space-saving storage solutions are ideal for small parts and light goods which need to be accessed quickly. Intertex, based in Eislingen (Baden-Württemberg), starts where Kardex leaves off, handling heavy goods with extreme dimensions weighing anything up to 5,000 kg in the case of the TowerMat storage lift.

Synergy effects for a broad range of solutions  

Since 2008 Kardex Remstar has primarily supplied Intertex applications in Germany for storing long goods, sheet metal, tools, pallets, and stillages. The business model is being expanded from 2015 to include international markets, with the main focus on Central Europe, south-west and north-east Europe, and the USA. The pooled expertise of both intralogistics suppliers will create synergy effects. With the heavy-duty solutions from Intertex, Kardex Remstar can provide a broad product portfolio which is unique on the market. The customer gets every solution from one single source, while Intertex benefits from its partner’s international sales structure. The plan is to supply customers involved in mechanical engineering and the automotive and electronics industries with specific solutions in the form of predefined applications for storing large sheet metal panels, heavy tools, long pipes, tires, and cable reels. By doing so, Kardex Remstar wishes to unlock additional growth potential.

About Kardex Remstar

Kardex Remstar develops, manufactures, and maintains dynamic storage and retrieval systems. The company is a leading provider of storage lifts, vertical carousels, order-picking software, and life cycle services. Customers from all industries use solutions from Kardex Remstar to organize their intralogistic processes in a simpler and more transparent manner, as well as to save space and cut process costs. Kardex Remstar customers come from a broad range of industries, such as the automotive, electronics, chemical/pharmaceutical, retailing, mechanical engineering, and health care sectors.


Kardex Remstar has two production sites in Germany (Bellheim and Neuburg). To date, the company has successfully installed around 140,000 dynamic storage systems across the globe. With an extensive sales and dealership network, Kardex Remstar is active in over 30 countries and employs around 1,200 people worldwide.


Further information is available at www.kardex-remstar.com.