Oil and Gas

Keeping Manufacturing & Drilling Operations Flowing

Driven by an increasing demand to lower prices, Oil and Gas companies are working harder than ever. Remote locations combined with tight drilling schedules make access to parts a critical factor in success.


Critical Parts

From rig manufacturing to drilling productivity; having the right parts at the right time and in the right place is critical to operations. Kardex Remstar solutions provide organized and secure storage ensuring maximum part availability.


Speed & Accuracy

With the push of a button parts are delivered to the operator for immediate shipment, eliminating time spent walking and searching through shelves. Pick to light technology directs the operator to the exact pick location, increasing accuracy up to 99.9%. Faster access to parts and higher pick accuracy maximize oil and gas manufacturing and drilling efficiencies.


Real Time Inventory

With Power Pick Global our systems can integrate with any existing ERP or WMS system. Real time inventory reports provide complete inventory transparency. Each transaction is documented and recorded, making cost center accounting easy.

Advantages at a glance
  • 300% picking efficiency improvement
  • 6.261 m² storage on 700 m² foot print
  • 70% less personnel resources
  • 99% safe access by using “pick-by-light”
  • 500 order lines / hour
  • Accuracy levels up to 99,9%